Recommended Program

JCI Japan Special Program "Asia-Pacific Freedom and Peace Summit"
~Freedom and Peace in the Asia-Pacific Region. Prospects for the Future~


Yoichi Ochiai is the most popular media artist in japan. He is so famous in the Japanese media that there is no day when he does not appear in the Japanese mass media.

How does Mr. Ochiai see the current world situation?
And what does Mr. Ochiai think of "freedom and peace"?

We would better to promote mutual understanding and strengthening of cooperation between countries whose systems, policies, and backgrounds differ greatly even in neighboring countries. Let's see what Mr.Ochiai recommends how to build a new network that respects universal values; human rights needed for sustainable freedom and peacekeeping.

Date : May 27th (Fri) 16:30~18:00 *JST/UTC+9

Venue : Online (JVC)

Guests 1 : Media Artist

      Yoichi Ochiai


JCI Japan Special Program
"Asia Global Solution Summit" Climate change measures among the world


Everyone in the world is about to realize the necessity of a carbon-neutral society.
Abnormal weather will increase due to the progress of serious global warming, and the situation will be critical on a global scale. Everyone has to make efforts on this matter and create a de-carbonized society from now on.
We invite Professor Asuka of Tohoku University, who is an expert on global warming issues, to give a lecture on climate change countermeasures among the world.

Date : May 27th (Fri) 16:30~18:00 *JST/UTC+9

Venue : Online (JVC)

Guests 1 : Tohoku University

      Professor. Jusen Asuka


JCI program "Keynote Speech"


Talking about achieving goals and fulfilling dreams, is simple by saying in words, but requires a lot of effort and the ability. Two guests who have achieved many goals and are still making efforts, will give a lecture on the path to their current success. They generously talk about self-actualization techniques to enrich one's life in the future.

10: 00~10: 40
"A specific way to make your dreams come true"
(President of OWNDAYS Co., Ltd., : Shuji Tanaka)

10: 45~11: 25
"Efforts is always reworded. Become a "brilliant person" rather than a genius".
(former judge / international lawyer : Hideki Yashiro)

Date : May 28th (Sat) 10: 00~11: 30 *JST/UTC+9

Venue : Online (JVC)

Guests 1 : President of OWNDAYS Co., Ltd.

      Shuji Tanaka

Guests 2 : Former Judge / International Lawyer
      Hideki Yashiro


JCI Japan Special Program "Asia-Pacific Freedom and Peace Summit"
Discussion Topic "Freedom and Peace. How can we act Now"


In today's world, "Freedom and Peace" is threatened.
You will see "the Realities of the world" from this discussion.
What we, JAYCEEs needed now in the Asia-Pacific region to share our values!

Discussion theme: "What we can do now for the realization of Freedom and the World Peace"
Sub-Theme: "How we can act to achieve SDG 16 Goals" 

NOM Presidents will hold a valuable discussion on this theme.With the views of Mr. Takasu, Former Ambassador of the United Nations, he has long been involved in activities related to freedom, peace, and basic human rights in the international community, we will see where the world is headed, where we are today, and what concrete actions we can take.
1. instruction of the current world situation: Mr. Yukio Takasu.
2. explanation of each country's situation and opinion exchange.

Date : May 28th (Sat) 16:30~18:00 *JST/UTC+9

Venue : Online (JVC)

Guests 1 : Former Ambassador of Japan to the United Nations
      Mr. Yukio Takasu

Guests 2 : Asia Pacific Area
      NOM Presidents

National Night : Japan"HOPE FOR NOW"


The end of the new coronavirus has not yet been seen, and no one knows what kind of era will come in the future.

The theme of Japan Night is "HOPE FOR NOW ", and is made to change this COVID situation into hope.

We will invite various guests on this program.

What you can't miss is the special dialogue between MIYAVI, who is active as a global guitarist while carrying out activities for world peace, and JCI JAPAN President Tsuchi Nakashima. They will carry out activities for world peace.

Date : May 28th (Sat) 19:00~21:00 *JST/UTC+9

Venue : Online (JVC)

Guests 1 : UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador

Guests 2 : JCI Japan President
     Tsuchi Nakashima

Guests 3 : Nishizawa Moto


JCI Japan Special Program
"Think Globally, Act Locally presented by global networkers"


The International Academy will be held for the 35th time this year, and has trained and produced many global network workers so far.

In this seminar, you will learn one of the elements of the International Academy, the spirit of "learning from the world and acting for the community."

Mr. Hirofumi Takinami, a member of the House of Councilors who formulated a glocal growth strategy, will give a lecture on how to grow the nation through regional practices, thinking about things on a global scale.

Then, under the coordination of 2022 JCI Previous President Ryubun Kojima , you will learn how the global networkers are thinking about their movements on a global scale and how to practice in their region, while taking examples from around the world. I'm sure you want to attend the International Academy.

Date : May 28th (Sat) 09:15~11:00 *JST/UTC+9

Venue : Online (JVC)

Guests 1 : A member of House of Councilors
      Hirofumi Takinami

Guests 2 : 2022 JCI Previous President
      Ryubun Kojima

Guests 3 : 2022 JCI Malaysia President : Ellen Lu (panelist)
      2022 JCI Kiryu(Japan) Chairman : Asami Hoshino (panelist)
      2022 JCI Shizuoka(Japan) Member : Masamitsu Kamata (panelist)


"Aiming to be a rewarding company implemented by Japanese-style well-being management"


This program will provide participants with an opportunity to understand the concept of wellbeing, the necessity of incorporating wellbeing into corporate management, and the future direction of wellbeing in Japan.

Mr. Hirofumi Shimomura, a member of the House of Councilors and an expert on wellbeing, will be the invited lecturer. The theme of his speech will be "Well-being for you - Future Direction in Japan.

After the keynote speech, a discussion between Mr. Mitsuda(EVP of JCI Japan), and Mr.Shimomura(Member of the House of Councilors) will be a HOT content.

Date : May 29 (Sun) 11:10~12:10 *JST/UTC+9

Venue : Online (JVC)

Guests 1 : Member of the House of Councilors
      Hakubun Shimomura

Guests 2 : Executive Vice President of JCI Japan
      Yuji Mitsuda